Sunday, July 4, 2010


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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's the second week of Kellys Show Us Where You Live Friday and its living rooms.  Now I will be all caught up till this Friday which will be Guest Bedrooms which is one of my favorite rooms in this house.


This is where Mikee sits all the time the chair to the left.  I sit in the other if I am not watching tv and we are just talking or I am going through magazines.  Under the chest in between the chairs is a basket that you can't see that I put all Mikees recent magazines and whatever books he is reading at the time.  He reads so much I can't leave them on the coffee table to junky for me!

This is across from the chairs and where I lay when I watch a movie.  One of my favorite things in this room are my tortoise lamps.  I had looked forever for lamps and had given up then ran across these in a warehouse and new they would be perfect!  I don't really have a lot of pairs in my house as far as furniture and such I really like to mix it up.

This is the fireplace and I just love how it turned out.  It was covered with wood and we took it all down had the brick cleaned and sealed then built the two bookcases in  to hold all the tv and stereo things I didn't want seen.  Chrissy would not move when I was taking these pictures she wanted in them for sure.

I love family photos.  They really make a home home.  The bumble bee was Brady's first Halloween and the cute little bald fellow on the left is my nephew Grayson.  The other Brady was about 2 in that picture.

This is one of my antique trays that I collect and just love.  I only have a few because they are so expensive and I can't just buy them all the time plus I hardly ever come across true antique ones that often.

These hang behind the sofa under the steps.  I try to do a professional family photo every other year.

I really did not want a flat screen but gave in to it and this was where I wanted to put it but my husband wanted it over the fireplace!  I won, thank goodness.


Kelly has started Show Us Where You Live Friday over at her blog and I just realized it when I was trying to do a little blog catch up and loved it, so I had to play along.  Kelly has a fantastic blog and I love keeping up with her little miracle Harper and watching her grow and looking at all her precious little outfits.   Kelly always has some great recipes that she shares to so head over and check her out.


Our kitchen is the heart of our home.  We bought this house 2 years ago and totally gave it a much needed over haul.  We took the kitchen down to the 2 by 4s and started from scratch and boy am I glad we did.  It turned out even better than I had imagined.  No matter how big the crowd everyone seems to always end up in the kitchen.

This is my bookcase that we have on one side of the island that holds some of my favorite cookbooks and other things.  I love the floors in this house, they are old heart pine floors and have so much character.  The floors were one of the things that really drew me to the house.

This picture frame was given to me by Aunt Beth for a birthday one year and I have cherished it ever since.  The plate was a wedding gift and is a daily reminder of the example we are to set in our home for Brady.

On the bottom shelf holds some pottery work by Brady from 1st grade till this years newest 4th grade addition the cat whistle.  I wouldn't take anything for these pieces.

Well its strawberry time in South Carolina and Brady and I have picked and eaten our fair share lately.  We took all his teachers and the office staff some last week for Teacher Appreciation Week, I think they really loved them.

This is my Flavia machine that I love and couldn't do without!  It keeps water hot at all times.  It is great for my tea or for coffee when we have company.

Another favorite is the warming drawer.  We all love this and if you are doing a kitchen and don't have it on your list I would add it it really comes in handy.

This is the eating area that is in the kitchen.  We use it when we have more than the 3 of us to eat.  I love the pine table, I ordered it from Atlanta when we were remodeling and it was worth the wait.

This is across from the eating area and this is where Mikee, Brady and I eat most of the time.  There is a 4th stool but I am having some custom cushions made so the sewing lady has it.  Brady also loves to sit here and do his homework.   The lights I had custom blown at a local glass place by a great glass blower I would love to get some more of his work (hint hint Mikee if you are reading).

This is the kind of stuff my child purchases when he stays with his grandmother.  We have had some great fun with it.

I have this great little planter with a button fern and a orchid in it that my best friend Kelly gave me on the counter.  I try to always have some live plants or flowers going in the kitchen it really brightens my day.

Its baseball season to so why not have a baseball grass head on your counter?  This is the haircut Brady wants for the summer!  

And last my fridge and freezer!  Love them they are huge, way more room than we need and great when you are having a party.

Hope you enjoyed the tour I have to catch up and do the living room next!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I had no clue that May was Military Appreciation month until I read it in one of my magazines.  

Here are a few things we can do to let the troops know we care.

*Fly the flag on your house, car or business the month of May.

*Send an e-mail or letter of thanks at

*Ship a care package to a soldier through

*Write an uplifting message at

*Hire a Veteran; visit for more information

On another note I am such a slack blogger!  My trip to China was great!  I was sick for a few weeks after I got home with a URI that really set me back.  I am getting caught up though and have taken some great trips one being to Colorado Springs!!  The one year anniversary of my Dads death was very hard, much harder than I thought it would be.  We really miss him a lot.  Mikee is traveling a lot and we are at the end of school which as you know if busy.  We will have graduation soon and then there is baseball baseball.  I promise to catch up and check in on all my favorite blogs soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009