Monday, February 23, 2009


I was obviously in the movie mood after staying home all week with a sick child and the husband out of town on top of it.  I was ready to scream to say the least, not because Brady is a bad child when he is sick I just hate being stuck in the house.  I love to be home but when I know I can't leave it drives me crazy!!

Brooke and I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic the other night and it was very cute.  We both enjoyed it and the theater was packed for it.
Then I rented this and snuck up to the playroom all alone with my Coke and Popcorn with no interruptions from anyone watched the whole movie. I cried with this one but enjoyed it.
I was on a roll and decided to stay up and watch this one with Richard Gere one of my favorite actors and was not disappointed at all.  I wish it had ended a little different but it was still a great love story.
Well who knows what I will get into this week with Brady back in school and Mikee gone again.  I have some errands to run and things to catch up on and a Banquet to work on for March for Junior League so I will be busy for sure.  I am leaving on the 21st my anniversary to go to China with some friends and can't wait so if you have any China tips for me let me know, I would love to hear them.  Hope you all have a great Monday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today is Brady's 10th birthday!  I can not believe it.  He has been saying for months now that he will be "double digits" soon and today he is.  It has been a hard week this week, Mikee has been gone since Sunday and Brady, Pearl and I have all been sick.  I mean stay in the bed sick!!!  No fun.  I had a fun day planned today for Brady but he still didn't feel 100% so he  stayed home today.  He went to bed at 7:30 last night and did not get up till 11 today!  I know he must still be under the weather to stay in bed on his birthday.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures that I could place my hands on easily of Brady throughout the years.

A very proud Dad with the bug!

Mom and Brady at Pawleys Island having some lunch.

Trying out Moms lipstick!

Brady, Maggie Mae and  Dash

Brady and Chrissy at the Blessing of the Animals

Brady at the CocaCola 500 Race

Brady and Jordan at Camp Rockmont

Grammy, PaPa and Brady at Atlantis

Brady on our balcony at Animal Kingdom

One of the many faces of a happy child

Brady and Trista his favorite cousin, Trista

Monday, February 16, 2009


Brady's class did what I thought was a cool project at the beginning of the year this year.  It is a timeline of your life.  Brady enjoyed it so and it was fun going back and digging out pictures of allot of his first.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it.  

Hope you have enjoyed your holiday today.  Brady and I are both under the weather with sinus infections and will more than likely be staying home from school for a few days.    This always seems to happen when Dad is away! 

Saturday, February 14, 2009


We have a guest for the holiday weekend, his name is Snickers aka Snik Snik at our house.  He is the 4th grade class pet along with a few frogs and a newt.  Brady loves bringing him home and really he is no trouble at all.  Now all I am hearing is can I get one for my birthday next week?? 


HAPPY HEARTS DAY TO YOU!!!!   Its raining here today and a little colder than the weather we have had earlier in the week but thats ok we will be inside today at Basketball.  I baked big heart cookies on Wednesday night for Bradys class party on Thursday.  Real simple to do and the kids love them.

This is the finished product ready to go to school.  I need to go to the local Pizza shop and purchase some pizza boxes they would be perfect for transporting these then I wouldn't have to do the toothpick thing in them.

This picture is from last Saturdays game.  Trista and her boyfriend Eric surprised Brady and came to his game. He was so glad to see them.  Especially when he made a great shot and looked over to see if they were watching!!!  That just cracked me up.

Enjoy your Heart Day!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well the baby shower went great that we hosted last Saturday night.  It was a couples shower and we served dinner.  The guys cooked 75 chicken breast on the grill and we had green beans, mac and cheese, potato salad and some great fellowship.  I just adore this couple they are just great people.  He works for my husbands family business and she is a school teacher.  This is their first child and we are really excited for them.  Here are a few pictures from the night, I decided to use things I had and the gifts I had bought as the decorations.

I borrowed a couple silver baby cups to go with mine from my friend Tara and Tracy and used them all over the house.  Here they are hanging from my dinner room light over the flowers that you really can't see to well.

                                            A few of the flowers by the kitchen sink.

                           This was one of the little tops I had picked up at Target for her.

                                  Just another flower with one of Brady's rattles in the den.

                                         The diaper cake that I did not make but ordered.

                                                     The cake that my friend Pam made.

                 The napkins that I rolled and tied with a little pink bottle, pacy or carriage.

               Envelopes to her stationary for the guest to address to make it easy for Mom.

                    The stationary that I thought was too cute, need to get Lilly Rae some.

           I tried to think of gifts she might not get so I came up with this bow holder and bows.

                                     This was Mikees rattle and cup when he was little. 

I took this jar and put a big ribbon around it and cut these card stock cards so they would fit and then asked everyone to give the new parents a few words of advice.  This was fun I wish I had read all the cards before they left.

I started painting this for Brantley's room a while back and couldn't finish it so a friend, who is a artist came up with this.  I ordered these bibs and had a picture of the new Mom and Dad when they were little ones on the buffet as well.  The sweet bowl and spoons were Bradys.

                           This is Mom and Dad to be with Pearl opening some great gifts.

                         Dad is a huge Clemson fan, we may be able to work on Brantley!

                       Amy's Mom gave her a beautiful going home dress, bonnet and booties.

         Brady came in just in time from the Carolina game to help Mr Ricky with a few bows.

This was the last of the crowd being entertained by Mark and Richard who is face down in the corner for some reason.  You know everyone ends up in the kitchen always.
We had a great time and were so honored when the parents to be asked Mikee and me to be the God Parents of Brantley.  I look forward to many fun times with them.

Monday, February 9, 2009


We have been going to the church Mikee grew up in the past few Sundays so we could do the Purpose Driven Life as a couple with other couples in a Sunday School setting and it has really been great so far.  I read the book before several years ago and enjoyed it but this open discussion will be great.   Even though we aren't members at this church the hospitality has been unbelievable!  I can't say enough about how welcoming this group is and makes you feel a part of the church.  

I will be starting a new Wednesday night girls Bible study and this is the book we will be doing, Girl Talk.  I can't wait just the cover makes you want to pick this book up.  I will let you know how it goes.  I look forward to the fellowship with other Christian women.  

Hope you are all having a great start to your week.  I am going to finish up some organizing I started a while back and get some things checked off my list.   I didn't get much done last week except get ready for the shower I hosted this past Saturday because I wasn't feeling so well.  I was worked up and upset by the exchanging of some emails with my Dads sister this past week that weren't so good.  You see she hasn't spoken to me, my husband or Brady since the day of my Dads funeral and I couldn't tell you why if you asked me, she has never told me.  She and I have never been close and obviously will never be.  I choose to be happy and not have negativity in my life and even though it breaks my heart for Brady and me not to be a part of my Dads family I have to do what is best for us.  My old preacher told me along time ago sometimes you need to break away, I did that from several family members  way before my Dad was sick and do not blame any of this on his death, it was my choice.  It is what it is and what it always has been its just that now things have been twisted and the one person I have always looked up to and counted on and thought of as a Mom is gone to because of things said and taken the wrong way.  I think the one sister has always been jealous of the relationship my Aunt and I have always had.  I am really struggling with this for allot of different reasons.  Here we will more than likely bring home a new addition to our family this year and they will not be here to celebrate with us, Brady has many things going on that she isn't a part of anymore and I hurt for him.  I will continue to pray daily for all of my family that this will work out and we can move forward, I know allot of it is grief and misunderstanding but it still hurts. 
For those of you who have asked about the adoption I would love to be able to tell you something but we haven't heard anything.  Thanks for your prayers and please keep praying for us, I know there is a child somewhere waiting for us and in Gods time it will be.

Friday, February 6, 2009


                                                        Sullivans Island Summer 2008

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Every year at Brady's school it is a tradition for the 4th grade to do a egg drop.  They have to do a journal of their ideas and how they built their EDV and can not use packing materials, you have to be creative.  It was so much fun and the kids really got into it.  Brady's class had 100% success!!!!  Here are a few pictures of the event.

                                                    Brady and Dad making the EDV.

                 Brady with his finished EDV and his report all ready to go, bedhead included.

                                           Mr. V and Mr. Shirley tossing over Brady's EDV.

                                                                      Look it made it!!

                                                 Brady, Austin and Zack with their eggs.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Look at what I got today!!!  Lots of pink goodies just for me.   Thank you to Monograms and Manicures for hosting the Pink Swap.  It was so much fun.  And also Thank you to The Preppy Principal for all my pink goodies, I love them.

Monday, February 2, 2009