Friday, January 30, 2009


This is what we have been up to on Saturday morning lately.  Upward Basketball.  Brady has such a good time and loves Coach Brooke.  She is AWESOME.  We have pictures this Saturday and a 2 o'clock game along with a birthday party in the morning so we have a busy weekend.  Mikee took Brady and his friend Cole to the Monster Truck Jam tonight they had a blast.  Speaking of blast the first thing they said when they got home was they blasted a lady out of a cannon and it was so cool!  I opted not to go to the Monster Truck Jam and have a nice night at home, I have been sick most of the week so thought it a good opportunity to catch up on things.
I have been given some great awards this week and promise to get those posted as soon as I get caught up.  

Update on adoption, well we have sent the young lady a bio on us and some photos so keep your fingers crossed, she has a agency but we aren't with that agency for domestic we were using a lawyer and trying to go private.  Please pray for us and for her.  I can't imagine the decision she is faced with and my heart breaks for her and yet it has that little bit of hope that she will choose us.

Hope you all have a great productive weekend.  I am going to try to finish cleaning out my hall closet that has my overflow of things in it.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


                                                    Brady and cousin Grayson 2006

Friday, January 23, 2009


I need your prayers right now for Gods will to be done.  You see we have been trying to adopt a domestic  infant and we have a situation that has presented itself.  A friend of ours knows a family who is going to place and she told them about us(friend if you read our blog THANK YOU again).  They are meeting with another couple next week that their social worker has set up.  I called our social worker today and left her a lengthy message which I am sure she is thinking what in the world was she saying because I know I was rambling.  So with that said I need your prayers for everyone involved,  I wasn't going to even say anything when I found out earlier this week and I wasn't going to get my hopes up but I have, who wouldn't right.  So all I am asking is that you pray for this birthmother and this unborn baby to be placed where God would have the baby be placed.  I pray for this birthmother to have peace in her decision.  Thanks so much for your prayers.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today I am THANKFUL for many things, to many to name them all so I will just hit on a few for you.  I am THANKFUL for my family, my husband has been so helpful and goes out of his way to do things for me.  I just love him for all he does and who he is and what he stands for.  I am THANKFUL for Brady he brings me so much joy everyday, even on days like yesterday when from the moment he got in the car till he went to bed the child did not stop talking!  He was very full of information yesterday and about drove me crazy.  I am THANKFUL for great friends new and old who never leave your side and are always there when you need them in the good and the bad.  You really know who your friends are when the hardships roll around.  I am THANKFUL for things that are happening with adoption, God is good and he will provide in his time we just need to be still and listen.
I would love to know what you are THANKFUL for today so let me know if you do a post.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am so bad about waiting till the last minute to spruce up my wardrobe from season to season so this year I am trying to be a little more organized.  I have been cleaning out my closets (all of them) and making list of things I would like to add or need to replace.  Well on my list for Spring I wanted a few new fun nice tops so these are 2 of the ones I ordered.  I have found if I splurge on a couple of great pieces and put them with some jeans I end up loving it.  Now I need a great white top for summer so any suggestions I will gladly take.  Also I went on JCrew this morning where I found some great things to so check them out but what caught my eye was the first page was a Welcome to the  New President, I guess the First Lady really does do allot of JCrew shopping!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A big THANK YOU to Carolina Girl for Mother of the Year Award!   That really made my day!

There are no rules that I know of other than to pass this award on to some other awesome mothers!!! I have chosen three although I think you all are Mother of the Year! 

Hope you are all having a great week, we had a little snow today so no school for us.  It didn't stick not even enough to play in.  Brady was praying for more so he could stay home again but I am praying for school since we were off Monday to.  I need to get some projects done.  

Saturday, January 17, 2009


(sorry this is blurry it was with my phone)
He would be a great big brother! This is Brady and his little cousin Grayson who is 2.  Brady adores Grayson and Grayson adores Brady.  This was today after Brady's basketball game, which we won by the way, at the House of Pizza having lunch.  I can't wait for Brady to be a big brother one day he really has a way with the little ones,  just like his Dad.  Hope you are all having a great weekend it has been so cold here we just aren't use to it we have been so spoiled with warm weather lately.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I copied this straight off Kellys blog to give you a little update, please continue to pray.

5:30 a.m. SaturdayI realize I should be sleeping but it's just not coming and you know how hospitals are - I get woken up every minute anyway. The doctor from the neo-natal unit in Tulsa (yes - it's St. Francis) called me at 4 to let me know Harper was there and she was stable. They are running tests on her heart and her brain and doing a few more things before they can start the bypass. Shortly after - Scott and his parents got there and they got to see her again. I have to say that I have never loved my husband more than I do right now. He has been my rock. We have shed more tears in the last 8 hours than we probably have our entire lives but we also know that we want God to get all the glory and praise and honor in whatever happens in our baby's life.I have such a peace about her being in Tulsa and it was just confirmed to me as I read the comments and a nurse from pediatrics said the nurses there had already been praying for us. And I just recieved an e-mail from someone who went through an almost identical situation and her daughter is now a healthy 3 year old. Thank you Jesus for sending me all of these encouragers and prayer warriors. It is NOT by accident that so many of you have found my blog and are now praying.

I have been following this blog for some time and waiting to see this precious child born to this great couple who are so excited. Well Kelly had Harper today and she had to be flown to AR children's hospital. Kelly lost allot of blood and is still in the hospital, her parents stayed with her and Scott and his parents went with sweet Harper. You can read more here. Please pray for this family, I can't imagine how Kelly feels at this moment but in reading her post she is putting all her trust in God and asking for our prayers.


Brady and his Grandmom Cathy (Mikees Mom) after the 2nd grade play Going Buggy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


While looking through some blogs I follow this morning I came across this on another blog and clicked over to read about a little girl named ABBY as I watched her video and read her story I just cried and thanked God for my many blessings. The Riggs family needs our prayers and I would like to encourage you to read their story and pray for them and sweet ABBY. There is also a button you can post to your blog to spread the word.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One down and who knows how many more to go! I have been trying to clean out some cabinets, drawers and closets this week since Mikee left last Wednesday and is away till Monday. He is in Milan, Italy working on his PHD, I know I should have gone but he really is busy and has no free time. I am so excited for him that he is doing this, he would like to teach one day and I know this will take us back to Greenville where I am from so he can teach at Furman where he went to school. He loves to learn and can't seem to get enough and I admire that about him, I think he will make a great teacher one day. So this picture below is the cabinets, fridge and freezer that I cleaned out tonight. It really wasn't that bad just needed some attention. Our snack drawer was the worse!! I will have to stay on that better from now on.

Another reason why I am doing all this cleaning out is a house came up for sale on our street that I have always thought was really pretty from the street and had great curb appeal so I went to see it with my contractor a couple of weeks ago. I was really expecting a grand foyer when I walked in and some beautiful stairs I really thought I was going to want this house. Well that wasn't the case. I continued through the house and liked some things about it but not enough to make me leave my house down the street that we just did a little less than 2 years ago. This would have been the third house we would have lived in on our street if I had liked it. How funny is that. Mikee said we would surely be called crazy! I don't care just gives this small town something to talk about. So now on to the small town thing, we then got a text from a friend who said he had a couple who wanted to see our house if we were interested in selling they had heard we looked at the other house and wanted to know about ours. Well we said sure! Now I know we are crazy. So they have looked and since then another couple contacted us and they have looked twice. Scary to think I may actually sell this home. I love it but I feel that God is in control of this and he is leading us to a new chapter in our lives. I have said that 2009 holds great things for us I feel it. Maybe its because 2008 was so hard with the loss of my Dad and some real eye openers for me, I don't know but I feel this is the year for lots of things. So I may be homeless in the near future since Mikee told them a price and even said we could be out in 30 days! What was he thinking!!! I don't know that I can do it in 30 days but he said don't worry he would hire movers and that's all I needed to hear. I will continue to pray that Gods will be done in this but I have to say I am a little emotional about moving since its now on the table.

Here is a picture of the girls they are finally starting to play together. Pearl is still a joy to have and so good!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I am giving a shower here at my home on the 7th next month and I need some ideas. I would love to make a cake like the one above so if anyone has any experience in this area let me know how to go about this. This will be a couples shower and their first baby, she is having a little girl so I want everything really fun. Some neat games would be fun so any ideas please send them my way.


We had our first Scout meeting for 2009 the other day and made some cool bird feeders. Brady wants to get the stuff to make some more for his grandparents and our neighbors. It was very easy and a fun project. When I get the pattern I will post it for you.

The finished product complete with food.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday at Brady's basketball game during halftime a gentleman got up to do the prayer and say a few words. Well this is the verse he read and he had Brady's team and the other team stand up in front of him while he read it and at the end he had all us parents say positive things to them for 30 seconds. He said children are sponges (yes they are) and they soak it all in and he wants them to remember whether they made the shot or missed the shot they are wonderfully made!
I thought this was a great exercise and something we all need to remember and teach our children so I had to share. Hope you have a great Sunday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Go on over to TheRussoCorner and check out her first giveaway! It is a great giveaway for sure.


I love my new look! Jennifer at PolkaDotDesignShoppe did it for me and did a wonderful job. I have already received so many nice compliments about it. Go on over and check out her work you will not be disappointed. THANK YOU JENNIFER

Friday, January 9, 2009


I am probably going to jinx myself but I just have to brag on Pearl, she is so good. I am hear to tell you when I say good I mean good. She has not had one accident in her kennel or in our house. She listens so well and wants more than anything for Chrissy to play with her. It is sad to watch how Chrissy just looks at her then walks away. Chrissy has come around a little today and was starting to play but the minute I walked in the room she stops. Chrissy is so protective of me she watches every move Pearl makes.
This picture just says it all! Pearl looks up to Chrissy. Chrissy will get on the furniture and little Pearl will just look up at her and cry.

I am going to have to get Pearl her own bowl for a while until her legs get a little longer. I moved the water bowl down for her but she thought Chrissy's food was better and had to check it out.

A boy and his dogs! He just loves having another puppy. He is really working on making Pearl love him and not me. So he tries to make sure he takes her out and he feeds her. I hate to tell him but when he is at school she sits in my lap or is at my feet all the time.

Have a great weekend!


Brady (5) Maggie, our first Schnauzer and Dash.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Em over at Bunch of Scrap is having a little Valentines Day Mini Swap

Here are the dates and details off of her blog:

January 9th 2009 - last day to sign up

January 12th 2009 - partners will be matched up

January 30th 2009 - last day to mail packages

It's not called a MINI swap because you send little tiny items, I mean mini in the sense that you only have to send 3 things :)

Also, International participants are welcome, however, you might be paired up with another overseas partner.


1. Leave a comment on Em's Bunch of Scrap with your email address saying you want to join the swap.

2. You DO NOT need to have a blog to join, only an email address to communicate.

3. You will send your partner a minimum of 3 items (of course generosity is welcome and you may send more). A suggested value of the 3 Valentines Day themed items should be around 10.00 - 15.00 dollars total. (once again feel free to pamper your partner with more)

4. The items can be crafted (yay!) or store bought

5. Sign ups will end on Friday, Jan. 9th at 11:59pm pacific time. At time of sign up I will send you a questionnaire to fill out to be returned to me immediately so partners can be all matched by the 12th.

6. Package should be postmarked - with delivery confirmation - by January 30th (although you can mail at anytime before then)


Well after the funeral today which was a very nice service except for the terrible wind we had today we made a stop and picked up our new addition to our family, PEARL! And a Pearl she is. She is so sweet this is what she did in my lap most of the way home which was a two and half hour trip for her. (not the greatest pictures I took them with my phone in the dark)

And then this is her all dressed up about to met her big brother Brady and her big sister Chrissy who isn't really sure what this new thing is in our house.

Isn't she so cute! I just love puppy breath! I was helping Brady with his homework and she just sat there and watched us. I fed her and then took her out just a minute ago and she did her business and ran right back to me. Its to early to tell but she seems to be smart and very interested in everything around her.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is my cousin Trista who is like a sister to me and it breaks my heart to know that she is hurting. Her Dad passed away on Saturday with heart problems (not Uncle Ray for those of you who are reading this and know them, her biological Dad). The funeral will be tomorrow at 2:30 in Greenville so if you think about it please say a prayer for her and the days she has ahead of her I know how hard it is first hand and would appreciate your prayers.

Monday, January 5, 2009


This Saturday will be our first game of the season for our Upward basketball team, we are called MAGIC this year and our uniforms are green. Brady is really excited and I can't say enough about this program. This is his 3rd year playing and he loves it and we have always been blessed with some wonderful coaches. This year we have Miss. Brooke who is great with the kids. She is young and fun. At every practice they are given a Bible verse to memorize for the following week. Well I have to brag on Brady he was the only one who knew his Bible verse!! Way to go! I think he wanted to impress Miss. Brooke a little to. The verse was Luke 11:2 Jesus said to them, "When you pray, say: 'Father, we pray that your name will always be kept holy. We pray that your kingdom will come."

These are a few pictures from last year. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


As you can see from the above picture the house is back to normal all Christmas put away in its place, thanks to my hubby for helping for 2 days straight. I could not have done it without him! We have never taken down our Christmas the day after but this year we just got up and started and didn't stop. I have to say it felt good to get it done. I think allot of it had to do with I just wanted 2008 behind me. It has been a hard year for me, mostly because of the loss of my Dad. As Mikee put it best, he was my constant in my life. I never thought of it that way but he was. My Dad was a single Dad since I was 2, it was in 1974 that he got full custody of me and back then that wasn't easy. He never got married until 2 years ago this March. I was his number one priority and so he just dated long term and that was it. I am so thankful for my Dad and all the great memories I have of him. He will always be so important to me and I know I will strive to be a better person because of him. This past year has also been hard because my Dads family hasn't taken his death well either and it has caused some walls to go up between us, I have prayed for them daily and hope that one day they will see we all had my Dads best in mind. So with that said I HOPE 2009 will be a great year for us all. I never stick to resolutions so no need to make them I do have some things I would like to do and be better at that I have written in my daily devotion book. I will not make you listen to them all but here are a few.

*Prayer warrior, I want prayer to be the first thing I do in the morning before my feet hit the floor. This will be the hardest for me since I am not a morning person at all.

*I really want to cook more this year for two reasons, its so much healthier for us and it will save allot of money.

*Exercise daily!! I struggle with that. I get on a kick and do great for a while then I come home from carpool and I just want to take a nap for a while then my day is shot! So no more naps in the morning for me in 09.

*Decide on a church. We have been at the same church for 9 years and its a great church. Recently I feel God is leading me to go somewhere else. I pray that he will guide me and my family to where we will best serve him.

*Our adoption, I don't know where God is taking us in this but I know his hand is in it. I think God puts desires in our hearts for a reason and he will fulfill them in his time and not ours. You see that is where I have to sit back and fully rely on him and wait on his time. I will say the other day I told a good friend I had this sense of peace about it that I haven't had before so maybe this is the year!

Well that's just a few I have many more hopes for 2009 I would love to hear some of yours so let me know when you post them.
Happy 2009 to you guys, hope its the best yet!