Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008


I joined in on the Christmas fun this year and did Kimberleys ornament exchange and I received this pretty ornament from Kristy and her family. The ornament is very pretty and the picture does not do it justice but even more special than the ornament is the sweet card Kristy sent with it. So thank you Kristy for your thoughtfulness!

Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas and are very blessed with family and friends to share it with. This was my first Christmas without my Dad and although I was missing him greatly I felt his presence and thought of him in everything we did from the moment I got up till the moment I went to bed. I hope yours was wonderful to. We have spent most of the day cleaning and taking everything down. I don't usually do it so fast but Brady is going to the beach with his Grandmom and I want to get some things done like hook up my new iMac 24 inch wide screen that my sweet hubby and child got me for Christmas! I could not believe it!!! I have been wanting one and mentioned it earlier in the year then there it was under the tree for me. I don't know how long it will take me to get everything transfered so if any of you have any advice I will gladly take it. I may look into a class because I know everything is different just when I use Brady's iMac I get confused and I am usually only surfing the net. So back to cleaning and packing up for me for now.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


You better watch out, you better not mess with our yard! Because if you do this is what you are up against. Let me start from the beginning, this fall we had some of what you call ding dong ditch which will scare you to death at midnight home alone! Then we have had some moving of our Christmas deer in some not so great positions, if you know what I mean. Just kids being kids and doing it to all the neighbors at the country club. Except this week one neighbor had a stop sign pulled up beside his house and thrown in his pool. So we are going to have a neighborhood meeting soon to make these parents aware of what is going on. But these two were ready for them tonight! Thank goodness we had that great blowgun I told you about here! They didn't have to use it only because I just made them come in because it is so cold. They came in but left their traps they had made out of fishing wire and lots of tape.
You just have to love little boys and their imaginations!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Brady got his first deer tonight, it was a doe! He was so excited. Dr. Rick took the boys to his farm this afternoon for a little hunt and Richard and Brady were the lucky ones. This is a picture of the boys with the blood and all when Tara and I got to the processor to see the deer, thank goodness they were already taken back and taken care of. I don't care to ever go to a processor again but I think I have allot of years of this ahead of me. Brady is a outdoors man for sure. He loves to be outside he loves to hunt, he just loves wildlife all together. I am the lucky owner of a fox that has been mounted and will be here soon that he got out at our farm a while back. I hate Mikee wasn't able to be there but he has his managers out at the farm doing their planning for 2009 and couldn't go today. You might know this would be the time he got one. Anyway he is going to bed one happy camper and praying for the big Buck on Tuesday when he goes out again.


This is the latest picture of our new addition that Santa told us about a little early this year. We can not pick her up until the 10th so between now and then we have to decide on a name so if you have any suggestions please leave them for us to ponder over.

So far we have come up with the following:

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Every year Brady and I make a gingerbread house for Christmas (this year we were later than usual). He usually makes one with his Aunt Leigh who is the gingerbread house queen but she has had to work so much lately and then was out of town they haven't had time to get together yet. So I have posted a few photos of Brady in the kitchen working on his masterpiece.

The finished product.
More than Christmas wreaths
Hanging on our doors
Is Jesus Christ’s wondrous birth
The blessing of our Lord
The sounds of Christmas songs
We all love to sing
Echoes Jesus, Son of God
Born the king of kings


My friend Windy is playing a little game with letters.
All you have to do is list ten of your favorite things that start with the letter you are assigned.
Mine are in no specific order, here goes.
1. Brady, that was a given right?? He is such a delight to have, I am so thankful God gave us him he brightens our day, although lately he has been a typical 9 year old testing all limits.
2. Best Friends are always the best and I have always heard you should consider yourself lucky to have one true friend, well I feel very lucky to have the ones I do.
3. Blessed, that is how I feel. I am so blessed to have the husband, son, family, friends and church that I do.
4. Bananas, I just love them! They are my favorite to eat in the mornings and make great smoothies, just add some Peanut Butter and go!
5. Blogs, I love reading all the blogs I follow. I know I spend to much time reading and blogging but I just love it. It's good clean fun and I have made some good friends who are great prayer warriors for me and my family when we are in need. I can't wait to go have lunch with Jennifer who is a blog friend.
6. Bible, and I have a new one that I ordered the other day it is a Moms Study Bible and I can't wait to pick it up.
7. Bedroom Shoes, I love my Ugg bedroom shoes!!
8. Beds, not just any beds but I love a great hotel bed with great linens. I could stay in it all day order room service and watch movies! That's the life for me.
9. Books, I love a great chic book!
10. Bob haircut, nothing like a great bob haircut, its classic and never goes out of style.
If you want to play along let me know and I will give you a letter.


This is the lovely boot that I started wearing yesterday after the Orthopedic Dr told me I had a stress fracture. Just what I didn't want for Christmas. Everyone keeps asking how did I do it? Well I really don't know. I can't recall doing any one thing to it but as you know getting ready for my big party last week I was up and down on ladders and running around like crazy so I probably did do something and just didn't realize it. I will go in on Monday at 1 to get more xrays I have been taking med for the swelling and wearing the boot when I get up but just trying to stay off it for the weekend. So I will be finishing up my cards and playing on the computer since I can't do any running around. The only good thing is it gets me out of going to the grocery store! I have a big list for Mikee then I will send him to the farm or his office because he is sure to be in a bad mood when he returns.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Mikee and Brady went to the Gun and Knife show this past weekend and this is what they came home with, a blowgun!!! So my question is WHAT WAS HE THINKING??? This has been the number one argument since it was bought. Everyday, Mom can I go outside and practice with my blowgun. No, what if one of the animals steps on one of the needles or what if I do or you do that is for the farm to use at targets only!! Then a hour later the same question again and again and again.
I have told Mikee this has to be locked up in the safe or it has to stay at the farm and can only be used when they are together, I have had enough already!


We will be going to Edisto Manor tonight and I am so excited to finally get to see it. I have heard how beautiful it is and tonight not only will I get to see it for myself but I will get to have some goodies made by the Executive Chef.
This was built and ran by the same people that have FourMoons another one of my favorite restaurants and believe it or not its right here in my town where there is nothing!!! Below is the description off their website.

Edisto Manor, is a 5,400 square foot stately plantation home that is the newest addition to Buck Ridge Plantation’s fine properties. Perfect for intimate weddings, corporate and social gatherings, or weekend getaways, Edisto Manor uniquely blends Southern charm with modern technology, creating the ultimate in Southern mansions. Edisto Manor features a Great Room and six, creatively-themed executive suites that include large fireplaces, beautiful hardwood floors, private master bathrooms, and 60-inch HD televisions. Wrap-around porches on two levels of Edisto Manor will be the perfect place for guests to relax and take in the view of Buck Ridge’s natural beauty. Only a short distance from the main lodge, it is the ideal place to host your special guests. Also available is an executive chef, personal attendant, and all other Buck Ridge Plantation amenities and attractions. When hosting a wedding or corporate retreat, Buck Ridge creates an all-inclusive setting designed to captivate your guests and meet every need without venturing off the grounds!


This is one of our 3 cats, Sox! He is such a neat cat even if you do not like cats you are sure to like Sox. All 3 of our cats are rescues. Sox I rescued, TT a friend rescued in Virginia and brought him to us and then there is Harley our newest addition we added on this past fall when Brady found him at the soccer field during practice on day. They are all outside cats but every now and then Sox especially likes to sneak in and hang out. Well I knew he came in last night when I was unloading the car in between CD making but I could not find him! The above picture is where I finally found him in Mikee's office! That crazy cat isn't scared of anything, I think he thinks he is a dog! If you visit us and you leave a window down or a door open he is in your car in a minute, he loves to ride in the car. I am so afraid he is going to get in and someone not know who he is and then he will be lost from home. He did get in the neighbors car one day without her knowing it and went to the bank, grocery store, gym and back home with her and it wasn't until that afternoon when she got back in the car to go somewhere that he got up from his nap in her backseat! Like I said we think he thinks he is a dog!


This is the finished product for the CD's I made for Brady's teachers. I think they turned out really cute. His two head teachers will get this and a gift card to enjoy dinner at Bonefish one of my favorite restaurants so I hope they like it.
I also with the help of my dear husband made kids CD's for his class and 2 of his friends class so I do not want to see another CD in my hand for a while.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


SeventhDiamond is giving away this great award to all her blog friends who have decorated their blog for Christmas!! Thank you for the award this is a great one to receive.
Here are the the rules:
~You must be a true Christmas lover to receive this award
~The person you give the award to must be in love with Christmas
~You must link back to the person who gave you the award
~You must list 5 things that you love about Christmas
~Pass the award along to as many as you like, you must pass it on to at least one person to keep the Christmas cheer going
FIVE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT CHRISTMAS (in no particular order)
1. I love the Christmas pageant at church, it just warms my heart every year to see the children act it out.
2. I love Christmas decorations!! I love to get in the car with my family and ride around and look at all the beautiful homes decorated and the local parks for Christmas.
3. Love Christmas music, I put my radio on Christmas music on Thanksgiving day and do not take it off until its gone! Brady gets so tired of me singing in the car and at home at Christmas time.
4. I love shopping for that perfect gift for friends and family, now I don't like the crowd but I do love the shopping.
5. I love that we have the freedom to celebrate Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas!
I am going to name some people but if you read this and you love Christmas please comment so I can come over and check out your things you love about Christmas!!! There are so many blogs I have been reading since the tour of homes that I found so there are to many to list but join in if you can.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Wow, I have loved reading all the comments from the Christmas Tour. I wanted to answer a few questions before I forget to.

1. Kelly wanted to know where did I get the horse on the front porch? I got it at the Junior League Holiday Market this year it is my newest addition and I absolutely love it!!! It is made by a company named Raz, I have several things by them and I see this brand in little gift shops so it should be easy to find a retailer for you. I think I am going to go online and try to get one more. There is even a Santa to match.

2. Sarah wanted to know where I got the antlers for my car? I ordered them online I just googled it and there they were. And don't think I didn't get 2 sets and put one on my husbands truck, he has gotten so many laughs out of that for sure.

3. Cyndy wanted to know if I had a building to store all my decorations in? Yes I do and the bad part is I didn't even put up half of what I have for Christmas. I am a junky for holiday decorations and I mean any holiday.

If I get anymore questions I will answer them as we go, got to get back to viewing all the homes there are over 700 on one tour!


Brady and I like to give little gifts out at Christmas from the mailman, UPS guy our dentist you name it. This year we did CD's full of Oprah's favorite Christmas music. It is a great CD I have it in my car and have been listening to it for a while now. So I copied all the CD's on this great little gadget of my husbands that he bought this summer and it is fast!!!!

Then put them in cases and now I have to put them in bags with ribbon to make them pretty. So that's what I will be doing for the rest of the night until I just can't do it anymore but I am gong to try to be done with this little project tonight so I can start a kid Christmas CD for Brady's class.

Monday, December 15, 2008


This is Mary "Chrissy" our fur baby, she will be 2 years old this February. Santa brought her to Brady when my Schnauzer, Maggie was so sick. Maggie passed away 5 months after we got Chrissy, she had been sick for a while she was 11 years old. Maggie was so good she was a great dog so that is why we asked Santa for another Schnauzer and he delivered Chrissy who is just as good as Maggie was except she loves the trash!!! Maggie would have never gotten in the trash, she just would not have done such a thing but Chrissy she is all up in it if you don't close it.

With that said this is what my Santa aka Mikee is bringing me this year!!! A little white Schnauzer girl! She was born on November 8th and will be coming home to us on January 10th and I can not wait to get my hands on her.

She is from the same kennel Santa got Chrissy from and I met her parents when I was there several years ago. It will be very interesting to see how Chrissy handles this, I do think she will be very jealous at first of me with the new baby but I think she will come around fast.
I have a few names in mind so feel free to offer suggestions, the ones Brady and I have thought of so far are:
Can't wait to hear what you guys come up with.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Welcome to the 2008 Christmas Tour of Homes, hosted by BooMama and HookedOnHouses so grab your coffee keep your PJ's on and enjoy!

This is our Home

The entrance

Brady and Chrissy

The wreath on the front door

This is the top of the front door that my good friend Melissa did, she is so talented

The front porch that I just love to sit on and listen to music, the dancing Santa will scare you to death if you aren't expecting it.

A close up of the garland

A close up of the wreaths that I did in the rain at midnight one night on 24 windows

A few goodies I got for my birthday this year from my MIL

My newest addition to my Christmas collection, I just love it.

Collection of Carolers that great you when you enter the front door, my MIL started these for me

One of my favorite pictures of Brady with Santa

A Mark Roberts fairy that is in our master bedroom

A hand painted pillow that I got last year for my master bedroom that I just love

A few little trees in the master bedroom I never had time to get the big tree up this year just to much to do

A wreath in the upstairs hall

A Santa tassel on the front door

Some angels I got a few years back and still just love

Another Mark Roberts fairy peaking from the tree in Mikees office

Christmas pillow in Mikees office that I just love, it is the true meaning of Christmas

Even my car gets decorated

A few of my Radko globes Mikee has given me over the years

I never can find a Christmas flag that I love they are all to busy with what I have going on until I found this one and I just love it

Mikee's office, excuse the serving pieces on his desk we were sitting up for a party and this is where the shrimp and grits were going to be served

This is my nativity set that my Aunt and Uncle gave me about 5 years ago and I wouldn't take anything for it, above it is a wreath full of oranges, feathers, berries, bird and other nature things

This is the dinning room the flowers had just been delivered for the party, they have some beautiful feathers stuck in there I am going to try to have a artificial arrangement made that looks like this to use

A favorite container in the dinning room

The baby tree in the laundry room

Our Christmas countdown as Brady calls it

The fresh wreath at the back door that I made

Our nature tree in the kitchen

Breakfast room


Cute frame a girlfriend gave me last year for Christmas

The kitchen Christmas rug I found this year at the Junior League Holiday Market

When my Dad passed away my best friend Kelly gave me this cute container with a orchid in one side and a little fern in the other so I switched out the fern with the poinsettia below for the holidays

This is our real tree in our family room. It is full of colored lights and ornaments that are very dear to me. Radko ornaments, special ones Brady has made over the years, if you look close enough you can see our Christmas pickle that we hide and if you find it you get to open the first gift on Christmas Eve! Also if you look in the to the lower right you will see a stain glass manger seen that I got the other day at the Christmas luncheon I hosted during our ornament exchange.

This is the star that Brady puts on top of our tree every year except this year he wasn't home and I went ahead and did it and boy was he mad.

One of my favorite ornaments Brady made at St Andrews Preschool

The staircase with my Mark Roberts.

A close up of Father Time Mark Roberts fairy

Just a little pillow I have had for a long time.

A little color for the guest in the guest bedroom

The wreath on the door to Lilly Rae's room

The Hope Mark Roberts fairy in Lilly Rae's room

The trees on top of Lilly Rae's changing station, she has a big tree but since I moved I can not find her decorations for it, I am so afraid they got thrown out.

Bradys Christmas palm tree in his room with the Grinch and Frosty below. I love the pillow my cousin gave him last year in the chair it says "Dear Santa, I can explain...."

Our Elf on the shelf that we have had for a few years and let me tell you he does the trick this time of year, the little tree Brady made last year at 4H club event

This is a little snow globe in Bradys room on his bedside, I love the fact that he still makes Legos and puts them up in his room

This is in Brady and Lilly Raes bathroom, just a little Christmas fun

We always decorate the mirror in their bathroom for all holidays this year this is what he picked out for it

I hope you have enjoyed the tour and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all from OUR HOME TO YOURS!