Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is the latest picture of our new addition that Santa told us about a little early this year. We can not pick her up until the 10th so between now and then we have to decide on a name so if you have any suggestions please leave them for us to ponder over.

So far we have come up with the following:


Windy said...

I like Belle!

Amber said...

I like Belle and Annie. Of course, I've always liked the name 'Sam' for a dog, but since I now have a sister in law named Sam, we probably shouldn't use it. :) But Sam kind of seems like a Golden Retriever name {which is what I want!}

:) Good luck with the name search!

monica said...

I'm going for Bell out of the names you have listed.... But what about Joy since you got her during the Christmas season?

First time to your blog btw.


carolinagirl said...

She is such a cutie! Thank you so much for your kind comments today. It has been such a rough 8 months (as of today). I think now that the shock has worn off I am just very very sad all the time. How long does that last? It is just so heartbreaking. I cry at the drop of a hat! I know my Daddy would be so mad if he knew that, and I know that he wouldn't want us all feeling that way either. I'll be saying a prayer for you and your family on Christmas day that will find joy and peace in your hearts. I will know how hard it will be for you. I'm just ready to try to get through that day. Thanks again, Corey

Jennifer said...

That is the cutest puppy! Landree would love it! What kind of puppy is that?

Hum, I like Molly and Daisy. My mom's dog is named Zoe and I think that's cute too. Is it a girl?

Kristy said...

She looks like a Sasha to me!!

Kristy said...

My daughter said to name her "China"!

edie said...

Daisy for sure! Congrats on your sweet puppy. Looks like you and I are in for a rough but wonderful few weeks!

Diane said...

We named our dog Nellie Belle..and we love the name Nellie for her, she is a goldendoodle, and has the cutest face, like your puppy! I saw a shop inthis area that just got a new puupoy and they named her Bella...must be popular!

GrannySmithGreen said...

I suppose I'm just in a Christmas/winter mood. What about Snow Belle? I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Congrats on the deer too! I know he was thrilled!

Hillcrest Acres said...

The puppy is so adorable!! Here's a name to add to the list - Lulu or Lucy.

After reading Granny Smith Green's comment, a Christmas/winter name would be so fitting since she is a Christmas prsent. I just couldn't think of one that would be cute enough for that precious little face.

I stumbled upon your blog today and loved reading it.

Happy New Year!!