Saturday, December 20, 2008


Every year Brady and I make a gingerbread house for Christmas (this year we were later than usual). He usually makes one with his Aunt Leigh who is the gingerbread house queen but she has had to work so much lately and then was out of town they haven't had time to get together yet. So I have posted a few photos of Brady in the kitchen working on his masterpiece.

The finished product.
More than Christmas wreaths
Hanging on our doors
Is Jesus Christ’s wondrous birth
The blessing of our Lord
The sounds of Christmas songs
We all love to sing
Echoes Jesus, Son of God
Born the king of kings


Jennifer said...

WOW that looks fabulous! Great job Brady!

Amber said...


carolinagirl said...

What a fantastic job!!! I love all of the colors and all of the candy that actually made it on the house! My boys kept trying to eat the candies!

Windy said...

Great gingerbread house! He did a wonderful job all by himself.