Saturday, December 13, 2008


We had our Christmas Pageant this past Wednesday at church and Brady was a Wise man this year. I so enjoy this program every year it just melts my heart to see all the children in it. This year we especially got tickled at this one little girl who was a Angel and was making sure her parents saw her by waving every minute, just precious!!


redmaryjanes said...

Great Job Brady! That costume is wonderful!

GrannySmithGreen said...

I'm thrilled to have you as a follower on my blog! It's so good to have you! I look forward to reading your blog as well. Now, I'll have to go back and read your older post and get to know you. Thanks again for visiting.

(Oh, and today we are going to see a production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". I can't wait. I'm sure it will be precious! Your Wise Man is so cute.)

Windy said...

He looks so grown up!