Thursday, December 18, 2008


This is one of our 3 cats, Sox! He is such a neat cat even if you do not like cats you are sure to like Sox. All 3 of our cats are rescues. Sox I rescued, TT a friend rescued in Virginia and brought him to us and then there is Harley our newest addition we added on this past fall when Brady found him at the soccer field during practice on day. They are all outside cats but every now and then Sox especially likes to sneak in and hang out. Well I knew he came in last night when I was unloading the car in between CD making but I could not find him! The above picture is where I finally found him in Mikee's office! That crazy cat isn't scared of anything, I think he thinks he is a dog! If you visit us and you leave a window down or a door open he is in your car in a minute, he loves to ride in the car. I am so afraid he is going to get in and someone not know who he is and then he will be lost from home. He did get in the neighbors car one day without her knowing it and went to the bank, grocery store, gym and back home with her and it wasn't until that afternoon when she got back in the car to go somewhere that he got up from his nap in her backseat! Like I said we think he thinks he is a dog!

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Windy said...

Silly cat! If his eyes weren't so bright, you might miss him!