Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas and are very blessed with family and friends to share it with. This was my first Christmas without my Dad and although I was missing him greatly I felt his presence and thought of him in everything we did from the moment I got up till the moment I went to bed. I hope yours was wonderful to. We have spent most of the day cleaning and taking everything down. I don't usually do it so fast but Brady is going to the beach with his Grandmom and I want to get some things done like hook up my new iMac 24 inch wide screen that my sweet hubby and child got me for Christmas! I could not believe it!!! I have been wanting one and mentioned it earlier in the year then there it was under the tree for me. I don't know how long it will take me to get everything transfered so if any of you have any advice I will gladly take it. I may look into a class because I know everything is different just when I use Brady's iMac I get confused and I am usually only surfing the net. So back to cleaning and packing up for me for now.


Amber said...

Wow, you're on top of it! Does it take you like two days to put it all away?? I've been thinking all day about taking my decorations down. My plan was to wait until after New Years, but I NEED CLEAN! So I may end up taking down the main tree today b/c I'm ready to have my living room back into order.

Glad you had a great Christmas! Awesome present.

Lori said...

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. I put some things away today too! haha Congrats on your new wide screen...what a sweet guy!
Cute family picture!

GrannySmithGreen said...

You'll love your Mac. Really, no need for classes. You have 90 days free support with AppleCare. I know you missed your dad, but So glad your Christmas was merry!

Kristy said...

Hi Cyndi , the first thing I want to tell you is thank you for the Christmas card, I love it and all of us love the pictures!!! I could never load the list from Kimberleys list so I am sending cards as I get them. (sorry for that), another thing I am happy that your Christmas was a good one. I worried about you and the fact that it was the first without your Dad, I prayed that God would make it a little easier for you and it sounds like he did. Just knowing he is always there is comforting. I wore my Granny's wedding band all thru Christmas and it somehow made me feel like she was close to me.

Cyndi I wanted to also thank you for your comment on my blog. You have become so special to me and a true friend and your words are very comforting to me and I thank you for that.
Love and blessings, Kristy

carolinagirl said...

Hi there! I was thinking about all of the people I know who have lost loved ones this year! We have five friends who have lost a parent since the beginning of November alone! I know that you and I lost our fathers just 4 days apart this year! I feel a connection with you because of this since I know that the timeline we are on is almost identical! I absolutely adore Christmas, but this year was not the same. I am ready to also take everything down and for it to be over. I didn't realize how much all of the decorations would make me miss my father, but more importantly miss my family being together at Christmastime. I feel the pain that you have in your heart because it is there with me everyday as well. Thinking of you and hoping that one day soon, this grief will be somewhat easier. Corey

Gail said...

Looks like you had a merry Christmas...and what a great present you received!

Thank you for your card, it made me smile and loved the pics of your sweet family, Cyndi.

Finally I just want to say I'm so sorry for the loss of your father. I know you miss him everyday, I hope in time it will get easier. He is always, always with you.

Take care Cyndi,

:) Gail

Jodee Leader said...

I, too, am so sorry for the loss of your father this year. I am sure this was a difficult holiday season.

I love this picture of your family! You must be so excited about the gift from your hubby! How exciting!

Susie Harris said...

Wish I had some good advice for you but I dont, sorry. I know how you feel about missing a loved one at Christmas. My Brother went home to be with the Lord and I so miss him. Your son made me laugh with his deer picture. My brother loved to hunt. I have a few of his ducks that he killed and mounted in my house. Sweet memories...hang on to yours. Im cleaning to and its not the fun part, ugh. Im looking forward to a clean crisp clutter free house though. Take care~

pink green & southern said...

Hey! Just saw that you are following my blog--thanks!!! I am adding you to my reader! Happy Holidays!

jennifer said...

OK, have to admit that I'm just a little jealous. I want a new laptop SO bad. Maybe this will be my year ;)

I saw alot of those Santa elves you love so much at a shop in Houston. I couldn't help thinking about you (they were half off).

Your Christmas card was so cute. I have a picture of Cade with the antlers like that. I love it!!

Happy New Year, friend!

3 Peanuts said...

I am glad you had a nice Christmas! Happy New Year!