Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday at Brady's basketball game during halftime a gentleman got up to do the prayer and say a few words. Well this is the verse he read and he had Brady's team and the other team stand up in front of him while he read it and at the end he had all us parents say positive things to them for 30 seconds. He said children are sponges (yes they are) and they soak it all in and he wants them to remember whether they made the shot or missed the shot they are wonderfully made!
I thought this was a great exercise and something we all need to remember and teach our children so I had to share. Hope you have a great Sunday.


Jodee Leader said...

I couldn't agree more! What a great exercise!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing! I hope you're feeling better!

carolinagirl said...

That is just awesome! I love that idea! It's so easy to always stay on my boys about this or that. I need to focus more on uplifting then! Thanks for sharing.