Saturday, January 17, 2009


(sorry this is blurry it was with my phone)
He would be a great big brother! This is Brady and his little cousin Grayson who is 2.  Brady adores Grayson and Grayson adores Brady.  This was today after Brady's basketball game, which we won by the way, at the House of Pizza having lunch.  I can't wait for Brady to be a big brother one day he really has a way with the little ones,  just like his Dad.  Hope you are all having a great weekend it has been so cold here we just aren't use to it we have been so spoiled with warm weather lately.


Jennifer said...

He will be a great big brother!

Our staff goes to House of Pizza every once in a while. It's so fun to see places we both go! We need to schedule lunch. M, W, F are best for us.

Are you feeling better?

jennifer said...

He will definitely be a great big brother! I can't wait to see him holding that sweet Chinababy!

Windy said...

he will be a great big brother!

it is freeeeeezing cold outside - bring back the 50's!

Kayce said...

He will most definitely be a great big brother!!

Gina said...

Your blogsite is awesome! You need to give me some tips! Take care, and Happy New Year!

carolinagirl said...

Brady is going to be a fabulous big brother!!! P.S. I left something for you on my blog!!!