Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One down and who knows how many more to go! I have been trying to clean out some cabinets, drawers and closets this week since Mikee left last Wednesday and is away till Monday. He is in Milan, Italy working on his PHD, I know I should have gone but he really is busy and has no free time. I am so excited for him that he is doing this, he would like to teach one day and I know this will take us back to Greenville where I am from so he can teach at Furman where he went to school. He loves to learn and can't seem to get enough and I admire that about him, I think he will make a great teacher one day. So this picture below is the cabinets, fridge and freezer that I cleaned out tonight. It really wasn't that bad just needed some attention. Our snack drawer was the worse!! I will have to stay on that better from now on.

Another reason why I am doing all this cleaning out is a house came up for sale on our street that I have always thought was really pretty from the street and had great curb appeal so I went to see it with my contractor a couple of weeks ago. I was really expecting a grand foyer when I walked in and some beautiful stairs I really thought I was going to want this house. Well that wasn't the case. I continued through the house and liked some things about it but not enough to make me leave my house down the street that we just did a little less than 2 years ago. This would have been the third house we would have lived in on our street if I had liked it. How funny is that. Mikee said we would surely be called crazy! I don't care just gives this small town something to talk about. So now on to the small town thing, we then got a text from a friend who said he had a couple who wanted to see our house if we were interested in selling they had heard we looked at the other house and wanted to know about ours. Well we said sure! Now I know we are crazy. So they have looked and since then another couple contacted us and they have looked twice. Scary to think I may actually sell this home. I love it but I feel that God is in control of this and he is leading us to a new chapter in our lives. I have said that 2009 holds great things for us I feel it. Maybe its because 2008 was so hard with the loss of my Dad and some real eye openers for me, I don't know but I feel this is the year for lots of things. So I may be homeless in the near future since Mikee told them a price and even said we could be out in 30 days! What was he thinking!!! I don't know that I can do it in 30 days but he said don't worry he would hire movers and that's all I needed to hear. I will continue to pray that Gods will be done in this but I have to say I am a little emotional about moving since its now on the table.

Here is a picture of the girls they are finally starting to play together. Pearl is still a joy to have and so good!


Amber said...

Wow!! Where would you move then?? That is exciting and scary all in one. We are looking at some changes coming up for our family too. Just keep repeating to yourself--change is good, change is good. :)

Windy said...

I would love for you to be back in Greenville - then we might get to see you!
I am sure you will fine somewhere to live if you sell your house, but 30 days is hard.
Our first house was listed on Thurs, accepted an offer on Tues and closed 2 weeks later - 21 days after the sign went in the yard:)

Lori said...

That's crazy...but also a bit exciting! haha

Jodee Leader said...

Oh my goodness! Your kitchen looks fabulous! I love the color of your cabinets! Keep us posted on your house situation!! It does sound scary and exciting all at the same time!

Jessica said...

Love the color of your cabinets!