Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well the baby shower went great that we hosted last Saturday night.  It was a couples shower and we served dinner.  The guys cooked 75 chicken breast on the grill and we had green beans, mac and cheese, potato salad and some great fellowship.  I just adore this couple they are just great people.  He works for my husbands family business and she is a school teacher.  This is their first child and we are really excited for them.  Here are a few pictures from the night, I decided to use things I had and the gifts I had bought as the decorations.

I borrowed a couple silver baby cups to go with mine from my friend Tara and Tracy and used them all over the house.  Here they are hanging from my dinner room light over the flowers that you really can't see to well.

                                            A few of the flowers by the kitchen sink.

                           This was one of the little tops I had picked up at Target for her.

                                  Just another flower with one of Brady's rattles in the den.

                                         The diaper cake that I did not make but ordered.

                                                     The cake that my friend Pam made.

                 The napkins that I rolled and tied with a little pink bottle, pacy or carriage.

               Envelopes to her stationary for the guest to address to make it easy for Mom.

                    The stationary that I thought was too cute, need to get Lilly Rae some.

           I tried to think of gifts she might not get so I came up with this bow holder and bows.

                                     This was Mikees rattle and cup when he was little. 

I took this jar and put a big ribbon around it and cut these card stock cards so they would fit and then asked everyone to give the new parents a few words of advice.  This was fun I wish I had read all the cards before they left.

I started painting this for Brantley's room a while back and couldn't finish it so a friend, who is a artist came up with this.  I ordered these bibs and had a picture of the new Mom and Dad when they were little ones on the buffet as well.  The sweet bowl and spoons were Bradys.

                           This is Mom and Dad to be with Pearl opening some great gifts.

                         Dad is a huge Clemson fan, we may be able to work on Brantley!

                       Amy's Mom gave her a beautiful going home dress, bonnet and booties.

         Brady came in just in time from the Carolina game to help Mr Ricky with a few bows.

This was the last of the crowd being entertained by Mark and Richard who is face down in the corner for some reason.  You know everyone ends up in the kitchen always.
We had a great time and were so honored when the parents to be asked Mikee and me to be the God Parents of Brantley.  I look forward to many fun times with them.


Jodee Leader said...

What a fabulous shower you hosted! Everything looks picture perfect! I love the gifts you bought her too! I recently bought a bow organizer from Etsy for a baby gift and I think they are great gifts!

Jill said...

Wow~ you know how to throw a party. I'm hosting a baby shower in April and might borrow some of your ideas~ the advice cards, the baby photos of the parents, and the monogrammed bibs. Thank you for sharing such neat ideas.

The cake is adorable and the diaper cake is the perfect decoration. The bow holder is such a good idea. I think Lilly needs one too. :)

Oh and your kitchen is beautiful.

Kayce said...

What a beautiful shower, you did a great job. Loved both of the cakes!!

Jill said...

Thanks for the bibb info. I just tagged you on my blog. :)

3 Peanuts said... is all beautiful! You did a GREAT job. I recognize those bibs:) Love the monogram painting...


Jennifer said...

Cydni, what a fabulous hostess! That was some shower/dinner party! Where did you put 75 people? I love the painting you started! It's awesome! And those bibs! I've seen them before-LOVE THEM!

Paula said...

Wow, I'm impressed. Those cakes and all the decorations are just beautiful!

Jessica said...

Great shower! Beautiful home. : )