Saturday, February 14, 2009


We have a guest for the holiday weekend, his name is Snickers aka Snik Snik at our house.  He is the 4th grade class pet along with a few frogs and a newt.  Brady loves bringing him home and really he is no trouble at all.  Now all I am hearing is can I get one for my birthday next week?? 


Jodee Leader said...

How fun to have a holiday guest! Snik Snik is soooo cute!

Kristy said...

Cyndi you are a better mom than I am, because even though I am a country girl, I hate rats, mice or anything that resembles it!!! Ohhhh they give me the weeebie geeebies!!!! And just FYI , my sister bought Jade one and withing two days her house just smelled really bad....we took them back.

Love, Kristy

Jennifer said...

I agree with Kristy, I don't know why, but hamsters, gerbils, etc. creep me out!