Saturday, September 15, 2007


Every since I moved to Orangeburg 8 years ago I have been blessed with great friends. Like today for example my good friend Karen went up in her attic in the heat (felt like 110 up there) to get Annie B's tubs down that were full and I mean running over with clothes for Lilly Rae. I have had allot of fun tonight looking at beautiful dresses for her. The child will never have to wear the same thing twice thanks to Karen and Annie B.
On another note Mikee is home safe and sound asleep. His clock isn't back on time yet so its driving Brady crazy! Brady wants to go hunting and fishing and swimming and play the Wii, but all that's hard when your asleep. We will give him another day or so then he has to snap out of it and get back to the real world. He did say his trip to China was great and he brought home some nice goodies for us and Brady's class. He has another meeting there next year and Brady and I plan on going with him this time. Well I better get to washing all these great clothes:)

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Karen said...

You know that I would share anything with you! You have helped me, too with outfitting Benjamin. Thanks! We love you,
Karen and Annie Blair