Monday, September 24, 2007


Ok all you prayer warriors I need you or should I say my Dad needs you. I will be flying up in the morning to go with him and Grammy Alice to his Dr appointment at 11:45 to get the test results from last week and to start the 5th round of chemo. We had a great visit with him on Sunday and he was in good spirits, I will post pictures of his great new hair piece compliments of Brady. It is so weird to see him so frail he is the sweetest person you could every meet. I haven't told allot of people but I am so proud of who he is and hope I can be more like him everyday (very big shoes to fill). He is forgiving and kind to everyone he knows. Always sees the good in the person or situation. Anyway I could go on forever about him. Keep him in your prayers and Grammy Alice she has been so awesome to him during all this. I know God has a plan and he is just working on his masterpiece of my Dad.

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Shea said...

We will keep you and your Dad in our prayers.

It was great seeing you on Sunday!