Sunday, August 3, 2008


Oh my I have found a new favorite. Many of you know I love a great smelling candle when you walk into a home and for many years now I have used the same scent Red Current. Later I found out it was Oprah and Sarah Jessica Parkers favorite too. Its funny when I was on the parade of home people called me for weeks after and asked me what was the scent I used in our home. Well I always look when I am out and about and never find any scent that comes close to me liking it as well as Red Current, well I found one at Shore Thing by Archipelago called Luna and it is a lemon verbena, lavender and thyme scent and its wonderful! I bought the diffuser set (only because its all they had in that scent left) but went online and ordered the candles, Amazon has them. Just thought I would share for those of you who like these sort of things.

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