Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well I am still alive just really busy with school and life. It is so hard to get adjusted to going back to a schedule for me for some reason this time. Mikee has been out of town allot and Brady has allot of activities and I am trying to get things done that I need to get done but I am in a funk!!! And its a bad one. You know the kind where everything gets on your nerves and you are just ready to scream. Well that's me a walking time bomb. I was on the phone tonight with my good friend Melissa and she was eating ice and I just couldn't stay on the phone it was like I was ready to explode. Over ice?? Then we took the boys to Frankie's the other night and I actually about bit the girls head off at the lazer tag station. I need a vacation, I need a girls only vacation. I need time alone for sure. So I am planning one in a few weeks lets just pray I make it till then.


Windy said...

Been wondering about you, but I know it's a hectic time . We will have another lunch in late Sept. - maybe you will feel like coming and be more rested and calm:)

Kim said...

I am really sorry. I totally understand the whole funk thing, I spent the first two months of summer like that- of all times. I bet a girls vacation would help- sometimes we just need to get away. Call me anytime.

Barbie said...

Love your newly designed blog! It is so pretty.

Oh, I can so relate to getting into a funk at times. It takes all my strength at times like that to just smile and nod my head. :-)
I hope you get that girls weekend soon! Moms deserve it for sure!!