Saturday, March 7, 2009


We are having beautiful weather in South Carolina this weekend.  My car said it was 80 on the drive to Charleston today.  We started off at Vickery's downtown today for lunch, they have the best Bloody Marys ever!!!  

Then we walked to a great Antique store and looked around before heading on down King street to have my iPhone replaced that I dropped on Friday!!  Yes I absolutely could not believe I did that but I did so off to see what the damage was and it wasn't good.  I had to purchase a new phone!!!  Yes I thought I was going to scream but it had to be done because I love this phone!!
Then after strolling down King Street and picking up Mikee's watch that we had sent off a while back to be repaired, yes Beth this is the watch you dropped off last year!!!  We are such slackers.  We had to go to Charleston Place and check out a few shops and get a few things for our upcoming trips.  Mikee is heading to Damascus Syria in a few days then I will be heading to China before he heads home so no trip like those are complete without a few things from Brookstone.

And because I took so much time deciding which new bag I wanted that would hold my camera, camcorder and act as a purse, which I decided on this one below.
We missed getting to see the Angel Oak Tree which is 65 ft high and believed to be over 1500 years old!   We got there right as they were closing the gates.  Mikee and I have both been here before but we thought Brady would enjoy seeing it so we will head back soon.
We then headed over to see baby Burkett and visit with his family before heading over to Savory Sushi, Mikee's cousins new place for dinner.  It was a great day and wonderful weather. Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday to.


Hope said...

Hey. Sounds like ya'll had a great day. I took my mother-in-law to see her neices in Rock Hill. Seemed like we were in the car all day, but she had a great time seeing the girls and they were gald to see her. They are all the family she has left from her side. Five daughters from her brother. Any way it meant alot for me and the girls to take her.Don't leave for you trip without saying goodbye. See you soon. HOPE

Kayce said...

What a great day! Love your new bag!

Jessica said...


Your comments always make me smile. You are so sweet. I TOTALLY have that LV bag. I love how big it is. Great minds shop alike. Lol! : )

Windy said...

LOVE your new bag, and I'm not a bit jealous:) Sounds like a great day in Charleston - I'm trying to talk Scott into taking me there soon for a couple of days - we shall see!

Kristy said...

Wow what a great day, great bag and awesome tree!!!! Thank you for sharing. I would love to go to South Carolina, I have never heard anything negative about it.

Love, Kristy

joybuzz said...

Love to visit your blog. All the photos of your home are gorgeous. The LV bag is so my style but out of my price point but a girl can dream! Thanks for pointing out the Angel tree in Charleston as we will have to see it on our next trip up to the area. Have a wonderful time in China and post lots of photos when you return.

3 Peanuts said...

Just catching p...have not been here is a while. I have the same bag! Don't you love it?!