Monday, October 8, 2007


Last night I was laying upstairs with Brady getting ready to read a book when the phone started to ring. I normally do not answer it when I am reading but for some reason I did. It was my Aunt Joan who was very upset, could hardly talk from crying. She proceeded to tell me that the neighbors daughter that lives beside my cousin Trista was killed in a car accident on I 26. I got up put some clothes on and went to their home which is only a few minutes from mine. They are a nice military family with one daughter Lindsey, 17 years old in September. The mother was on the porch and the Dad in the house both in shock from the news. My heart broke and I mean broke for this family. I stayed with them for a while and made some arrangements for them then came home. I have to say I held Brady a little closer than normal and welcomed him in bed with us when he walked in at 3am this morning. Today was a very hard day for them with having to pick out things for the service and all. My Aunt and I had the honor of getting Lindsey's clothes together and as sad as it was I was glad that I could do this for them. I called our new pastor at our church and he came over and had a prayer with them and visited for a while. I could tell that his being there was such a comfort to them even though they had never laid eyes on him before. The family will be taking Lindsey back to Pennsylvania where they are originally from on Thursday to have ceremonies. Please remember this family during this hard time that they may see Gods Grace in this accident that took their only child and always show KINDNESS to everyone you met you never know what they are going through and how you can impact their life.

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