Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today is the day no more waiting, my Dad will get his new round of Chemo. It will be 2 rounds in 1 day, which he has never had before. This one will be stronger and could possibly have some side effects that he has never experienced before (sores in mouth, really sick and etc...). I pray that none of these will effect him and that he will be comfortable in the weeks to come after the chemo. The holiday season is fast approaching and I have asked my family to come to our house for Thanksgiving (don't worry my Aunt Joan will be doing the cooking) and I am praying that my Dad will feel like being here. I am going to decorate the house for Christmas before Thanksgiving which I don't normally do but I want my Dad to see it. He has not been to our new house since we finished it and I think Christmas decorations are wonderful, bright and cheerful. Please pray that God will have his hands on my Dad this week and for the weeks of treatment to come.

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Kimber said...

I will pray for your Dad and your family.