Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well we had a great trip to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Philadelphia. I highly recommend them. From making my Dads room and flight reservations to all the appointments (3 days worth) they were great. A very caring place to be. My dad meet allot of people who had no HOPE until they came to CTCA, which is how I think he felt but would never say. We are going to go back in two weeks for a new chemo, he will be there for three days and then come home and go back in three to four weeks for more chemo. We will do this as long as we need to. He really had a good trip I think, finally he is out of the house and doing something. We went out to eat at night and ate at the CTCA during the day. They had great food there, organic with a great juice bar. I could have eaten there the whole time. I wanted to thank you all who have been praying for my Dad, we really appreciate the prayer and I know he feels it. Well its time to play catch up on things since I have been gone.

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Shea said...

I'm glad it was a good trip! Glad to see you're safely home :)

Talk to ya later :)