Monday, January 21, 2008


Yes I have had a very unproductive weekend. I have really gotten nothing done that I wanted to like clean out my closet which is in BAD need of it and a few other things around here. All I did was watch movies like the Nanny Diaries which is another great chic flick if you haven't seen it check it out. Mikee left today for a trip so maybe I will stay up late tonight and get some things done. I will also meet with the contractor today AKA Uncle Jimmy about our master bath. When we bought this house we remodeled everything except for the master bath I spent most of my focus and money on the kitchen, which I love my kitchen and so does everyone who comes over. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and I didn't want to rush it and not like it in a year or so, so we have just lived with it. I am thankful I even have a bathroom but I have to say I HATE IT. It has so much wasted space, the bath has not been updated since the original owners and its time. There is no vent in the shower area which is causing mold on our ceiling and it has this rain shower head which excuse my potty mouth but IT SUCKS!!! Mikee and I both hate it so its not just me wanting a new bathroom, we are going to have to do something soon so I figured I would just get everything in line and all picked out and while we are traveling this summer Uncle Jimmy can just take care of it. Good idea right. Now all I have to do is make Mikee think its a good idea.

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Mob said...

That will be nice when you get the master bath remodeled too. Yes, you definately need a fan. I used to have a problem with mold when we lived near the ocean. There is nothing worse.