Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So I just downloaded pictures from the holidays. Bad I know. I will start with New Years Eve on this post. We went out to the Farm and had a few friends over with their kids (Bozardt's, Williamson's, Dibbles and Mobley's) and had a blast. We had chili and cornbread, King Ranch casserole and lots of other goodies. The kids had fun on the Guitar Hero III and just being kids out on the farm, they fished and played all night. When the new crystal ball in Time Square was about to drop we had the kids come in and get their PJ's on and get ready to bring in the new year. Mikee opened the champagne and the kids had their sparkling grape juice! It was a nice time with friends. I will get those Christmas pictures in order soon and post them, I have the beginning of a sinus infection that I am trying to fight off with some Biaxin left over from the last one that I had such a hard time getting rid of so wish me luck.


Jake and Taryn said...

Love the picture of the kids in their pjs...and all welcoming in the New Year...that is too cute!!

Best wishes on getting over your cold soon!

redmaryjanes said...

It sounds like you guys had a great time. There is nothing better than a big group of friends and their kids.

Mob said...

What a fun new years eve. It sure is a lot better to celebarate with your kids, how fun!