Sunday, January 6, 2008


I don't know about you but I am ready for some normality (if there is such a thing around my house)! Brady goes back tomorrow and I think he is ready as much as I am. You know there is only so much you can take during the Christmas vacation. Don't get me wrong I love my time with him and I am very thankful for it but we need some time apart to. I can only play so much Wii and Army men!!!!! I have a very long list of things to do in the morning and I have to say I am looking forward to just getting them done. Sometimes checking off a list can make you feel so good!!!!
I didn't make any resolutions this year and we all know why ( I never do them) so I thought I would just try to set mini goals for myself. Like exercising twice a week instead of everyday so if I do go more than twice a week then good for me. And with Lilly coming who knows if the mini goals will even make it. I will try and hope for the best.
On a much more serious note my Dad goes back for test and treatment this week. He doesn't want me or my Aunt to go with him and my step mom he says he can handle it, so I will be here waiting for any news. He is getting tired and I don't know how much more Chemo he can take. I pray for him daily to not be in pain and know how much he is loved and for the Dr's to make the right decisions and suggestions for him. I really appreciate all the prayer that everyone is doing and all I can say is please keep it up, he needs it and so do I.


Danielle said...


I will keep your dad in my prayers (and your family as well since I know this is hard on all of you as well).

Very smart to set those little goals for yourself. That way you won't feel badly. I like to do that too. I have some goals to meet this week. Really hoping I get them done.



Tapsalteerie said...

How are things going on the Lilly front? I hope things are going well whether Lilly's here or in KG ;)

We'll continue praying for your dad and for you too :)

Mob said...

I'm saying a prayer for your Dad.
Glad that life around our homes are getting back some sense of normalcy.

Jake and Taryn said...

I am definitely praying for your family and your Dad.

I too love the sense of normalcy returning! I love Christmas time and my Birthday is right before Christmas. As much as I love that time of year, I am happy to return back to "normal" too.

I also like the idea of your mini goals. That is a very good idea and I wish you the best of luck on sticking to all of them!