Monday, June 30, 2008


So we made it back last night after a wonderful trip to the Homestead and a quick stop at my Dads to have lunch with Grammy (funny how I still call it my Dads just can't seem to call it anything other than that) and I got everything unpacked and ready to wash today so Mrs. Vic could iron everything this week and I guess I didn't check that one pocket that had that black ink pen full of black ink in it!! I have never had this happen before but it went everywhere in the wash all over some great things and I am so mad at myself for not checking better. If any of you have any ideas how to get ink that has been washed and dried (thanks to Mrs. Vic who thought she was helping) out let me know. I hate to think of replacing the nice shirts that were in there (Polo, Vineyard Vines and Southern Tide) because they were only 1 week old not to mention most of Brady's khaki shorts were in there to, what a waste!!!!!!!!


Michelle said...

Hairspray. Works for me every time. Just spray some on the ink, rub it in, and wash again. I get ink pen on my scrubs almost every day and this works like magic. I'm not sure it it works on things that have been dried though. I usually catch it before it gets into the dryer.

Paula said...

Good thing Michelle knows because I would have no idea. I don't even check pockets, I guess I'd better start. sorry that happened :(

Denise C said...

Oh bless your heart Cyndi! I use Magic Eraser on all things that are impossible to is an amazing little thing! I once spilled RED nail polish on one of our Oriental rugs...and after rubbing and soaking in nail polish was I strategically placed a table over the RED spot...(now smudged from the remover)....after 3 years....yes...3 years.....I discovered magic eraser...and thought it was worth a try...would you believe it completely removed the RED nail polish...I mean totally gone! No damage to the rug....and I was one happy girl!
I hope it will help you as well!
So glad your trip to the fabulous Homestead was so great!!! IT is such a beautiful resort!
Have a blessed week!!!

Melissa Bailey said...

Magic Eraser is a great product! Another thing you could try is the new Shout Advanced in the blue spray bottle. It has worked for me on several items - it got out mustard that had been through the dryer. And a friend of mine got out spaghetti sauce that had been through the dryer. Won't hurt to try!