Wednesday, June 18, 2008


As the song goes "I WILL SURVIVE" or at least that is what I keep telling myself at this point in the week. This is a little example of one of our days bullet style.
>5:30am head out to Yoga
>7:00 protein shake (NASTY) then head out to a location for bootcamp this was a park in St. Augustine for this day and work out for a hour and half.
>Then 6 mile walk through the town
>bananna for a snack and another NASTY protein drink
>back to the resort for lunch. Salad with chicken no dressing
>then off to workout with the trainer one on one
>then to the spa for some weight training
>1 hour massage
>free for the night (you are so tired you only want to go to bed)

So this is a day in my week for those of you who wanted to know. I WILL SURVIVE!!!!!


Kayce said...

OMY!! You go girl!!!

Paula said...

What about dinner? Oh my, it sounds worse than what they have to do on the biggest loser show. You are one tough cookie because I'd be packin my bags and sneaking off to the nearest In-n-out burger.
You go girl!

Windy said...

I could never do that! Hope you do "survive":)