Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well I am back from my Extreme Boot Camp. It was amazing exercise and hard. My trainers were amazing!!! There were some very interesting people there in the camp with me that were a little on the crazy side. I realized it takes all kinds to make the world go round. When you think you have been through a tragedy there is always someone with a bigger one and you just stop and say THANK YOU LORD. I am unpacking and then repacking the whole family to head out to this wonderful place that I love.

We are taking our Sitter Erin with us to help out but we plan on having a great vacation together as a family. Some much needed fun!!! Like a little of this and some fly fishing for Brady.
I do plan on getting up at 6am and doing a little training and tennis with the pro so I don't get out of my routine. Have a great week.


Kim said...

I am totally impressed . However, you make me look like a real slacker! I'm glad you're home from exercise hell (just kidding?) and I hope you all have a wonderful family vacation. I would love to have lunch with you one day, call me sometime-I think you are a lot busier than me!! Love, Kim

Bella's mama said...

You go girl!!!!

have fun on your family vacation!!!

Laurie said...

Wow- that place looks incredible- can I borrow 4 grand? :) I've always wanted to do something like that!

Paula said...

Glad you made it back. You have really inspired me to start doing some excersizing.

redmaryjanes said...

Good for you! That is wonderful. Enjoy your vaca. My hubs and son love fly fishing too : )

Windy said...

You are a bigger woman than me:) I don't have the will power to want to do anything at 6am!! I hope you enjoyed your trip and that it took your mind off of other things.

Hope your family has a great vacation - can't wait to see what you guys do.

Denise C said...

OH my goodness Cyndi! We LOVE the Homestead! We've been going there for years! It is such a fabulous place....Chuck's parents took him there every year as he grew up....and there is one story that they all still laugh about...Picture this...The Grande Tea Time... Chuck is 8 years old and has his remote control car! Oh yes!!!! You get the picture! SO funny! He strategically drove that little car between feet and under the piano stool....down the main hall....and around tea tables! Oh dear! hee-hee! I just love to hear that story!

Another sweet story is the January before Chelsi was born we went there for a long weekend.....and attended several black tie events...(UVA Alumni)....and had a very lovely time awaiting the arrival of our precious daughter in March!
Fabulous Room service each morning...that wonderful Chipped creamed beef! oh yum!
We have not been in several years.....I am ready for a trip back!

Have a fabulous time! I know you will!!!!