Thursday, July 10, 2008


Brady has been going to the First Baptist Church that his grandparents attend and his Dad grew up in this week to their 100% Chance of Rain Vacation Bible School. When you drive up to the church they have a huge Ark outside with animals hanging out of it, I will take some pictures in the morning I keep forgetting to take my camera. He has had a great week and made some new friends. I remember going to VBS when I was a kid and I believe that is where I learned the most about Gods love for us was each year in that week of VBS. I can tell that Brady has learned allot about the flood. He comes home and says Mom do you know how many days it rained??? I have to say I thought I did but I was off a few. I love seeing him learn about God and his plan for us it makes my heart smile. Hope you all have a great Friday!!!


Paula said...

That is such a fun way for kids to learn about God. I have taught at VBS for the last 5 years, its really fun.

Denise C said...

VBS is near and dear to my heart too....I have taught in it for many years! What a sweet blessing watching the children learn about God and His love!
BTW...has Brady watched the movie Evan*Almighty? IT would be just perfect for his Bible School theme! A very cute movie!