Sunday, July 20, 2008


(not the best picture you can't see all the flowers they go around the wall by Lilly Rae's closet)

WARNING The following is a vent post!

We live in a small town where everyone knows everyone I often call it Mayberry (like Andy Griffin). So when you have a party and your friends have a party it usually consist of the same guest list. Well the local artist who I have used for Brady's room and Lilly Rae's room and many many gifts, did another room locally and it looks like the flowers we did in Lilly Rae's room. I wouldn't have such a problem but this seems to happen to me allot. I get a great idea or at least to me, then I do it, or pay allot of money to have it done, then someone copies it in their home and I know this sounds little but I do host allot of things at my home and I want my home to be unique and when you hire someone I would think that they would want it unique to that person and would change it up enough if it was someone you knew would have the same friends over. Oh well I have another artist in Greenville and one in Columbia that a friend here and there uses and does some very detailed work that I love I guess I will come up with something again and by the time we get Lilly Rae I will have a unique room for her.

My husband says someone using your idea is the biggest form of flattery but he doesn't know the extreme I go to or money I spend to have things unique to our home.

Sorry for the vent but I needed to get it off my chest.


Heather said...

I have to offer, Lilly Rae's room looks absolutely beautiful. I love the flowers. You may get lots of comments about how pretty it is and not want to change it:)


Windy said...

Sorry you are so disappointed. The room is so beautiful as it is, but I am sure whatever you come up with next will be just as wonderful, can't wait to see it.
I have given you a blog award over on my blog - check it out when you have a chance:)

mommy24treasures said...

oh my goodness that room is gorgeous.
I am so sorry for your frustration.

3 Peanuts said...

They do say that imitation is the best from of flattery but I like to be unique too so I understand. the room is beautiful though.