Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well this week is another crazy one. I have about 60 people coming to dinner on Thursday night and my Philanthropy board for lunch on Wednesday at 11 and Brady happened to chip his back tooth and has a dental appointment at 11:15 on Wednesday so I am not really sure how I will be at two places at once but I will figure out something and then we have a musical to see at the Theater on Friday night with a friend and her children and leave for the beach on Saturday for a few much needed days of nothing!!! So I have lots to do to prepare and have really been putting it all off until today which has made me run around like crazy. I did make 6 lemon pies last night so that's done and I am having most of the food catered so that's done its just the small details that I love to do that are weighing me down. I will get it done one way or another that's how I am.
Brady had a great trip fishing this weekend in Charleston and caught his first dolphin (not the Flipper kind but the kind you eat) and was way excited! I think he and Dad are going back out on Saturday with Mr Richard.
I find myself thinking of my Dad allot lately and missing him. He is on my mind day and night. I get very emotional over songs I hear that remind me of him. I find myself just sitting and thinking of him and what would he say to me or the advice he would give me about things that I have had to deal with lately. He was a outstanding man and the constant in my life. He loved me no matter what, unconditional love for sure. It seems like forever since he passed yet it seems like yesterday to. I find comfort in scripture and my close friends who have been there through it all with me and have made me smile during such a hard time. Thanks to you all, I know you know who you are. The above picture was of the flowers my friend did for me in Greenville to go beside my Dad, they had all my favorites in it, she did a great job. Hope you all have a great week.


Denise C said...

OH sweet Cyndi! My heart hurts for you too...your daddy sounds like he was such an amazing man...and you are such a precious daughter....your love and admiration for him flows out of each word you wrote here!
I am thinking of you....and praying for you sweet friend!

Paula said...

Oh boy, you are having a busy week. 6 lemon pies..Wow, you are good girl!
You are so blessed to have had a Dad that you think of fondly. That in itself is such a gift. Take it from me, when you don't have it, you envy people who do/did. You have the peace to know that you WILL see your Dad again one day.

Bella's momma said...

The flowers are beautiful~

The love between a father and daughter is precious. The hurt must be powerful~ I am thinking of you!

jennifer said...

Sounds like you have alot going on! Have a great time at the beach, and get some much needed R&R