Monday, July 21, 2008


So my friend K called and said what you doing for dinner I said don't know she said I am going to make a Turkey Meatloaf so I will make you guys one and bring it over. Well my husband is in love with it. It was awesome!!!! We had a side of green beans and a salad with these crispy green beans on it. Yummy!!! I do have 4 boys tonight not counting the big one. And today three of the four went to the River and on the way stepped in a yellow jacket nest and were stung all over one happened to be hers and she was at the grocery store when it happened and I got the phone call from Brady that they were at a neighbors house and she was treating them. They are very luck little river adventure boys for sure. So today has been full of lots of excitement, they say it comes in threes so I am waiting on the third.


Jake and Taryn said...

The dinner looks so yummmy! How sweet of her to think of you all! :) How scary that Brady was stung by yellow jackets. I hope he is doing ok.

P.S.-I saw your pictures below and I love your cousin's house! I also love her monogrammed garden flag...soo cute! :)

Kayce said...

What a wonderful friend! That looks SO good!

Paula said...

Wow, lots of excitement. I'm glad the bee stings wern't too bad.