Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Oh my, me!!! I am flattered. I love blogging even though I have been a little slack and it started off as a journal for our adoption but has turned into daily life in the middle of adoption. I want to thank my friend Windy who I have known since 1st grade I think can't even remember how long now for giving me this award, you can check out her blog and see her lovely family.

Now, the rules are to choose seven bloggers and return the award.

Okay, without further adieu...I would like to present the award for being BRILLIANT to:

4. Kim (just went private)


redmaryjanes said...

Oh Cyndi,

Thank you so much girl! This has just made my day. Really, today I was feeling like I just wasn't cutting it here in blogland and that I needed to get around and make sure that I was saying hello to everyone and I open up your blog and see this.

Thank you so much : )

Paula said...

Thanks so much Cyndi. You are a doll!

Paula said...

P.S. Its going to take me a little while to think of seven of my own, but I'll get there :)

Denise C said...

OH you sweet girl! Thank you so much for this precious award! I so appreciate it! You are such a dear and precious friend...and I am so glad that you and I have become good friends....here in bloggville!
Maybe one day we'll see each other "for real"!
Love you tons, my sweet friend!

3 Peanuts said...

Thank you so much. I am just seeing this now but I appreciate it! I ma praying for R and her Mom.


P.S> I opened my blog again.