Tuesday, February 12, 2008


life isn't a destination - it's a journey. we all come upon unexpected curves & turning points, mountaintops & valleys. everything that happens to us shapes who we are becoming. and in the adventure of each day, we discover the best in ourselves.


Denise C said...

Hi Cyndi!
I found you over at Nikki's blog! Such cute bows you sent to Little Miss Lily!!! Loved reading through your posts...and I will certainly be lifting your Daddy in prayer as he continues his chemo. Bless his heart!
You are such a sweet person with a beautiful heart for GOD....I always love meeting new "Sisters in Christ"!
Sweet Blessings to you today!!!
Denise C

Mob said...

Love the pic and the quote. That is so true, all of the trials we go through shape who we are.
It takes a lot of friction to polish a rock to smoothness.

redmaryjanes said...

Love the picture and the quote. I find a lot of piece in that.

jennifer said...

What a sweet picture. Priceless.