Thursday, February 7, 2008


I decided I would do a short post on something I am thankful for. My husband and I became a part of this group YPO (Young Presidents Organization) almost 4 years ago. I had no idea that it would mean as much to us as it does, as a matter of fact I really didn't want to join because I thought it would be out of my league. This picture is his forum I think they call their group GIFT and I am so thankful for this group of men and what they mean to my husband. They are all husbands, fathers, leaders, givers and Mikees closest friends. This picture was from their trip to Mexico in January where they all had a really nice time. I really didn't know what to expect when we were put up for this and it has turned out to be wonderful for both of us. Their wifes are just as great and I enjoy getting to know them on the trips we take together. A wise person told me that I should be around people I want to be like and that make me want to do better and be better well thats what this picture represents to Mikee, they are those kind of people. And one more thing my spell check isn't working so sorry if I have any misspellings.


Mob said...

That is great when men (or women) have a group of close knit friends.
Sounds like a great bunch of guys.

Jake and Taryn said...

Great post!! Looks like a great and fun group of men!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that Giant cupcake pan you posted about! I am getting ready to see if I can find it on I think I have to have one of those! :)